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Melanie is a classically trained actor in theatre based in Seattle. She has narrated over 50 audiobooks. With a voice described as warm, smart and sensual, her performances are acknowledged for their emotional expressiveness and honesty. She brings to each project a deep listening to the author’s intent and a commitment to entertaining storytelling. She earned a BA in drama from the University of Washington as well as completing an acting intensive at the Marymount College London Drama Program. Before coming to audiobooks she worked in theatre, hypnosis, and yoga.  She has studied with Carol Monda, Johnny Heller, and Sean Allen Pratt. Her favorite way to end the day is reading bedtime stories to her sleepy children.


At the moment...

Just finished Recording: The Asylum by Debra Meller for Dreamscape Media

She may be sane going in, but will she be sane coming out?

Also: Volunteering for Learning Ally by narrating books for struggling readers

Chasing Redbird by Sharon Creech

Currently Recording: Beloved World by Eugenia Price for Dreamscape Media

You've heard the stories in the bible, but not like this.


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